Beach Race - Race The Tide

When is the event?

  • Summer Event - Sunday 21st July 2019
  •  Winter Event - Sunday 20th October 2019

What time does it start?

  • The run starts at 07:30am (Summer edition) and 09:00am (Winter edition) 
Why does the Summer event start earlier?
  • The event start times are done as near to low tide as possible.  The early start time in July is so that the beach will be clear of holiday makers and beach goers at 07:30am giving you an empty (ish!) beach to run on.

Can I enter on the day?
  • Sorry, there is no entry on the day available

Why do you have rolling start rather than a mass start?

  • The course consists of a number of groynes that need to be crossed. To lessen the chance of getting stuck in a queue waiting to cross a groyne, runners will be released in batches of around 50 runners.
  • The beach is still open to the public so by using a rolling start, there is less impact on other beach users.

Is it not hard work running on the beach?

  • The run starts at low tide on the shoreline, where there is a wide expanse of flat hard packed sand to run on. The width will vary from 30 to 40 metres wide at places reducing in size the longer you are out on the course. (i.e. race the tide!).  It is harder than running on tarmac and would be similar to running on an off-road trail.

Is there a cut off?

  • The race cut off is 2 hours from when the last runner crosses the start line.
How much does it cost to enter?

  • Click HERE to check out pricing.

Does the beach not slope, will this affect my running?

  • Running on the shoreline at low tide is very similar to doing a trail run. It will slope in places, dip in others and sometimes flat. But it definitely won't be hilly!

Will it be hard to cross the Groynes?

  • The groynes will slow you down which is all part of the fun. If you are fit enough to run or walk the 5km you will be fine crossing them. Most are only about 2-3 feet high at the crossing point.

I am new to running, will I be able to do this?

  • If you can complete a park run you are good to go!

Will I get wet?

  • Whilst you are running on the shoreline, there is the possibility of getting wet feet if you don't pay attention to the sea! There may be small pockets of water on the beach itself.

What do I need equipment-wise?
  • A pair of offroad\trail running trainers are recommended but running trainers will be fine.

  • Bring extra layers in case its cold (we always hope for sunshine, but you never know!)

Is there a minimum age to enter?

Yes, the age limits are below for each distance;
  • 5km is a minimum age of 11 (age on race day)
  • 10km is a minimum age of 15 (age on race day)

Is the race chip timed?

  • Yes, The race is chip timed.

Will there be a bag drop?

  • Yes, there is a bag drop area at the finish hub.

Are there toilets available?

  • Yes, there are public toilets located in front of the pier

Is there parking?

  • There are plenty of car parks near to the race start at Bournemouth Pier. Click HERE for a full listing of car parks.

Any free parking?

  • The nearest free parking is on West Over Cliff Drive which is a 15 min walk to the start at Bournemouth Pier. Click HERE for directions.

Can I run with a buggy?

  • Due to the groynes on the course, it's not suitable for buggies.
Can I run with a dog?

  • Yes, dogs (with owners!)  can enter the Winter edition.  Unfortunately due to local bylaws, dogs are not permitted on certain parts of the beach during the summer so there are no dogs allowed in the Summer edition.
Please Note
One dog per runner entered
The dog is required to be on the lead at all times during the run
The dog will be required to cross the groynes on the course

Can I wear headphones?
  • We won't stop you wearing headphones, but you do so at your own risk.

What do I get when I finish?

Aside from the warm glow you get from completing the course, you will get;
  • Chip Timed Results (via SMS and on the website)
  • Custom Medal
  • Finishers T-Shirt 
  • Bananas
  • Sweets
  • Water
  • Free Photos (usually within a couple of days)

Will I receive confirmation that I have entered?

  • You will receive an email confirmation receipt directly after you have entered. If this is not in your inbox within a few minutes, it may be in your junk or spam folders. If you still can't find it or don't know for sure you have entered, drop us an email and we will be happy to check for you.

How can I get in touch with you?

  • You can send us an email or send us a message via one of social media channels. The links can be found at the very top and very bottom of the website.

Is there pre-race information?

  • Everything you need information wise is available on the event page. A pre race email comes out  before the event with a shortened version of important stuff.

Pier Approach, Bournemouth, BH2 5AA

Summer Event: Sun 21st July 2019
Winter Event: Sun 20th October 2019

Runs start from;

Summer Event: 07:30am
Winter Event: 09:00am